Cristiano Ronaldo wooed to move to Arsenal from Manchester United

Famous British journalist, Piers Morgan, wooed Cristiano Ronaldo to move from Manchester United to Arsenal in the summer transfer market of 2022. The Gunners are Morgan’s idol club.

As is known, Ronaldo reportedly wants to leave the Red Devils. The Portuguese superstar wants to play for a team that plays in the Champions League. In fact, the 37-year-old player has only entered his second era with Man United in the summer of 2021. However, Man United actually slumped so that they failed to win a trophy and failed to qualify for the League. Champions.

This condition is exploited by Morgan. He persuaded Ronaldo to join Arsenal who had the same fate as Man United. According to a report from the Mirror, Monday (4/7/2022), Morgan has met and interviewed Ronaldo on several occasions. In fact, he once gave Ronaldo an Arsenal jersey with his name on the back.

It should be noted, Ronaldo almost signed a contract with the Gunners in 2003. However, it was Man United who got the Portuguese player. Meanwhile, Morgan took the opportunity to re-share his image when he handed the Arsenal jersey to the five Ballon d’Or winner on his social media.

He posted a picture on twitter with Ronaldo with the message, “It’s time @Cristiano (joins Arsenal)”Morgan is very optimistic, that his post will affect Ronaldo even though a netizen doubts his dream, “In your dreams, Morgan.” However, it did not make Morgan flinch.

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